DOG UPDATE - Theory Course english


Patricia Wantz

So., 14.02.21
09:00 - 17:30 Uhr

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everyone who is interested to learn more about dogs!
210.00 (inkl. Certificate, english doc., bonusmaterial)

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Zielgruppe: everyone who is interested to learn more about dogs!
Anmeldung notwendig?: Ja
Kontakt für Fragen oder Anmeldung: info@amicanis.ch


Corona virus – #westayhome
Due to „corona situation“ this course will be held online. So for this exciting theory evening, we all meet virtually – everyone at home – via online video meeting. The quality will in no way be inferior to a „physical theory course update dog“, I promise! You can also ask all your questions as usual. REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Wednesday, December 9th – since I want to send the script plus the bonus material to you by postal service.

Even if the „SKN theory course“ is not mandatory anymore, we would like to offer interested persons this valuable, comprehensive course. It does not matter if you are interested in a puppy or a dog from the animal shelter – or if you already have a dog!

This course is not only exciting for first-time owners – but for all dog-loving people who want to learn more about „dogs needs“ and „the life with dog today“. This course can be both: a very good preparation for your first dog or a great update for you as a responsible dog owner.

- Evolution of dogs (Special Topic: Puppy development)
- Important points when purchasing a dog
- Behaviour of dogs (Normal / Problematic)
- Breed specific purposes
- How does a dog learn
- Sneak-peak in practical training techniques
- Dog training aids
- Health aspects and care
- Legal foundation
- Code of Conduct
- Activities for the dog
- Enough time for individual questions

More Information you find on our website.

Would be very nice meeting you!


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