Modul Basic (english)


Patricia Wantz

Di., 18.02.20 - Di., 24.03.20
16:30 - 17:30 Uhr

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everyone who is interested into a good education and a good understanding of modern dogtraining with positive enforcement
280.00 (includes 6 lessons, bonus material, certificate, small group)

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Zielgruppe: everyone who is interested into a good education and a good understanding of modern dogtraining with positive enforcement
Teilnahme mit Hund: Ja
Anmeldung notwendig?: Ja
Kontakt für Fragen oder Anmeldung: info@amicanis.ch


This course is suitable for small as well as for large dogs!

For a wonderful start into the world of modern dog training – a pleasant and entertaining
mix of education, everyday training and fun!

Do you need the „Junghunde- or Erziehungskurs“ for the canton of Zurich?
To do this, please first register the Basic module and then book the Advanced module. Together, they are given the 10-lesson Erziehungskurs / Junghundekurs. Or you can check at events whether a „Junghunde-/Erziehkurskurs“ in one piece is offered. both options are open to you.

Special!!! We have the opportunity for indoor training! That means: we discuss and practice the basics in the warm and go only outdoors for those exercises, where we move a lot anyways – so no freezing in our courses! ?

Learning content Modul Basic:
Dog training should be enjoyable for both owner and our four-legged friends. So for sure we will also have some fun!

Playful exercises for learning:
-Marking signal (praise word or clicker)
-Eye contact
-Sit and down – also over distance
-Sit and down – stay
-Proper Leash-Handling of the owner
-Walking nicely on the leash (Basics)
-Recall-Signal (Basics)
-Muzzle Training
-Drop it Signal (Basics)

Combining theory and practical knowledge of
-How do I motivate my dog?
-Which are the most popular rewards for my dog?
-Encourage concentration and calm behavior
-How do I communicate with my dog?
-How do I handle my dog in situations when we approach humans, dogs or other animals?
-Understanding body language of the dog
-Recognizing and ease conflict situations
-Get reasonable ideas of how to keep the dog busy / happy on everyday walks


Winterthurerstrasse 152 , 8057 Zürich

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